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1 month ago

Verified Kellie said: Love!

Not gonna lie, my underwear game is STRONG! All thanks to my Skivvie NIX deliveries every month! It's allowed me to weed out those bad seeds and now I have a drawer overflowing with cute and comfortable options. Treat yourself! You won't regret it!

4 months ago

Verified Jessikah said: Hold Up!

You mean I can get 2 fresh ASS undies every month delivered right to my door?! Yep. It's true. And it's wonderful. The styles are great and you got options. Not feeling your booty this month and wanna cover up? Go for the rump roast package. Did a few extra squats this month and wanna show off your tush? T-Bone is the package for you. Feeling like mixing it up? Tenderloin will give you one of each. Since signing up last year, I have yet to have the looming thought of "God I need new underwear". And your other half will enjoy them just as much as you do. Trust me. ;)

4 months ago

Verified Mikelle said: Best Time of the Month =)

One of my favorite things about the Skivvies subscription is that my husband gets as equally excited about it as I do. Each pair has its own unique flare and the cuts are both comfortable and flattering...hard to achieve both. I have always been hesitant to spend money on myself. When it comes to this subscription though, it's a no-brainer for me. Maybe because I think it's also for my husband? I love my skivvies and the joy it brings our relationship each month. #pantygamestrongerthanever

4 months ago

Verified Loubern said: Bum-tastic Subscription!

Christmas 12 months of the year? Yes, please! Who doesn't love a surprise in the mail once a month?! I absolutely love getting undies in the mail that are picked out based on my preferences. This saves me a trip to the store and also saves me the hassle of choosing between colors and styles. But the options that SkivvieNix offers still satisfies that indecisive subscriber ... So I go with Tenderloin, a thong and a cheeky! So whether you're looking for less underwear lines, more coverage, or a little of both, this subscription will keep that underwear drawer full of options for any and every occasion!

4 months ago

Verified Regina said: Love my Skivvies!

I absolutely adore getting my skivvies in the mail each month! The packaging is so clever and the variety of styles is perfect! I can't get enough I always look forward to seeing what I will be receiving next! I would definetly recommend this to friends and family!