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Doing Our Best to Cover Your Bits


  • The concept of Skivvie NIX was thought-up while on the clock at a previous place of work. Suckers! (Relax, it was just the idea. No actual work was done)
  • The sole founder & CEO, Brighton Boerner, started this business from her one-bedroom, Los Angeles apartment after being FIRED from the previous said job at a PR firm. Go figure!
  • Yes, before we started this business our panty drawers looked like yours; a lot of riffraff and some shameful unmentionables.
  • We actually despise the word “panties,” but when you start a business like this one, you’re kinda bullied into using it in order to get the point across.
  • About 90% of the time, our undies don't match our bras. And we couldn't give a sheet. We're far too busy/lazy to schlep to the mall to buy ourselves new undies. So we just assume other millennials like us must be too. (A business is born!)
  • We’re frugal...okay okay, we’re cheap. You'd probably have to pay US to buy underwear that cost twenty-plus dollars per pair. Can you believe that our competitors charge YOU $20+/mo for a single pair? “As if!”
  • We believe in having our cake and eating it too (Mmmmm, cake)! In other words, we have great quality underwear at reasonable prices.
  • If you haven’t already connected the dots...We love Fleetwood Mac!

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