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Business & Pleasure Candle Collection by Skivvie NIX



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Product Description

Our wooden wick, 8 oz coconut soy candles are sure to bring hours of joy and fulfillment. *Presented in an 11oz black or white jar. BUSINESS - this daytime, light and airy, clean but softly sweet aroma is perfect to burn near your work desk, or just around the house while you enjoy handling your business affairs. *Aroma layers of: pineapple, jasmine, vanilla. PLEASURE- this black, sleek, sexy little number never goes out of style. Like the perfect cocktail dress, spark this candle up for an evening of fun-filled-scented pleasure. Not too heavy, it’s the perfect date night, mix of musk and charm. *Aroma layers of: mandarin, cedar, amber. Single candles available for $20, or set $37